IHI RVA Chapter ” Trumpcare, Republicare, or Obamacare Lite? The American Health

January 28, 2018

Airinton Powerpoint presentationThe Institute of Healthcare Improvement RVA Chapter hosted Ross Airington, M.P.A on August 21, 2017 who gave a presentation on “Trumpcare, Republicare, or Obamacare Lite? The American Health Care Act and the Uncertain Future of the ACA” to an audience of 20 students, faculty, staff and healthcare providers including 9 connecting virtually.

Ross eloquently made the thousands of pages of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and subsequent proposals understandable to his audience. He frames his talk according to the 3 R’s: Reconciliation, Regulation, and Regular Order. In the Reconciliation piece, he described the different versions of repeal and/or replace that the Republicans proposed this year. He described what would change from the current ACA. These all failed. For Regulation, he described executive orders in place that affect different parts of the ACA. This is the most worrisome of the ACA and can undermine many of the provisions in place, an example is the recent cancellation of bundled payment models established under the ACA. For Regular Order, we do not know yet what will happen and neither do we know what comes next.

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