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About us

The Langston Center for Innovation in Quality and Safety promotes patient-centered, population-focused and cost-effective initiatives designed to improve health care. Housed in the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing and made possible through the generosity of VCU Health, the center offers a unique arena of education and scholarly work in quality and patient safety.


The Langston Center is an incubator to create patient-centered solutions to complex clinical problems; ensure patient and family-centered quality and safety outcomes; cultivate creativity among students, clinicians, and innovators; and lead in network development that attracts and nurtures thinkers and doers. 


The Langston Center will become a premier resource network to disseminate solutions for vexing patient and population problems, ensuring positive quality and safety outcomes. 


With a social obligation to deliver patient and population-based care that reflects quality and safety, the Langston Center engenders discovery in response to unprecedented breakthroughs in clinical science, changing sociocultural demographics, access to care, and value-driven service delivery.  Nurses, with other provider-colleagues, will engage with University and other networks to optimize human/technical resources, model the power of interprofessional practice when refining problems, design breakthrough solutions, consider the consumer’s voice, and ensure widespread and rapid uptake in clinical settings.  The Langston Center a) encourages bold leadership and social responsibility for quality and safe innovations, b) partners outside of traditional silos, c) provides entrepreneurial education, and d) models building evidence-based business cases for clinical innovation.

Key Functions 


  1. Create innovation and entrepreneurial networks and partnerships with the VCU Health System, VCU Innovation Gateway, the VCU DaVinci Center and other regional and national organizations with expertise in innovation, invention, evaluation, and implementation science.
  2. Offer multiple educational programs annually (such as symposiums, lectureships, and certificate programs) open to healthcare providers in the VCU Health Community.
  3. Support the academic and research missions of the School of Nursing, acknowledging and supporting their priorities, needs, and protocols.

Creating collaboration. Advancing science. Impacting lives.