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About us

The Langston Center for Quality, Safety and Innovation promotes patient-centered, population-focused and cost-effective initiatives designed to improve health care. Housed in the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing and made possible through the generosity of VCU Health, the center offers a unique arena of education and scholarly work in quality and patient safety.


The mission of the Langston Center is to improve quality and safety in health care by facilitating new discoveries, dissemination and adoption of evidence-based innovations in education, research, practice, organization and policy.


  • Support and disseminate innovation leading to enhanced quality and safety, ranging from primary research to identification and implementation of best practices at the individual, unit, organizational, community and health policy level.
  • Develop educational opportunities for all health care team members including VCU health sciences leadership, practitioners, faculty and students as well as the broader Richmond, Virginia, community.
  • Establish the Langston Center as a national and international resource for the advancement of knowledge generation, dissemination and adoption of quality and safety education, research, practice, organization and policy.

Overarching aims

The Langston Center’s goals are aligned with the National Strategy for Quality Improvement in Health Care’s three overarching aims:

  • Better care: To improve the overall quality of care by making health care more patient-centered, reliable, accessible and safe.
  • Healthy people/healthy communities: To improve the health of the U.S. population by supporting proven interventions that address behavioral, social and environmental determinants of health in addition to delivering higher quality care.
  • Affordable care: To reduce the cost of quality health care for individuals, families, employers and government.

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